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Embark on an
Engaging Learning Adventure!

At Weislin Education, learning goes beyond the ordinary. We've reimagined the tutoring experience, making it exciting, interactive, and yes, even fun! Our Principal Trainer is a firm believer in harnessing the power of gamification, infusing energy into every session. But it doesn't stop there – our elite team of tutors isn't just carefully selected; they're handpicked from a pool of hundreds, ensuring you get only the best. We're all about value, quality, and results. For us, it's not just about teaching subjects; it's about nurturing values, shaping mindsets, and fostering attitudes that pave the way for lifelong learning. And the best part? You have the flexibility to choose where and how you learn – in-person or through Zoom, wherever you're comfortable.

Join us on this extraordinary journey and let's make learning an adventure to remember!


 1st Tuition Agency
in Singapore to adopt HSK & YCT in the teaching curriculum

 100% Passing Rate for WEISLIN students taking HSK & YCT

More than 12 years of experience teaching students from TOP Local & International schools

In-Person & Online Tuition for students in Singapore & abroad

- Mr Vincent Lim

At the heart of Weislin Education Enterprise stands Mr Vincent Lim, an esteemed NLP Certified Trainer & Consultant who has undergone transformative NLP training across three vibrant cities: Singapore, Shanghai, and Sydney. Mr Lim's journey is one of dedication and growth, guided by a deep belief in the power of education to shape lives.


In addition to his role as an educator, Mr Lim also serves as an Adjunct Lecturer at Singapore Polytechnic, bringing his wealth of knowledge to aspiring learners. His journey, however, has been anything but straightforward. Overcoming his own trials, Mr Lim emerged as a Distinguished Toastmaster and a two-time National Champion in Mandarin, cementing his commitment to effective communication and leadership.

The essence of Mr Lim's mission lies in community impact. As the visionary behind the L.I.T (Love In Time) Project, he seeks to spread joy to seniors under financial assistance schemes. This endeavor reflects his belief in the importance of giving back and nurturing a spirit of contribution within his learners.

Mr Lim's personal journey is marked by resilience. His battle with thyroid cancer in 2018 led to surgeries that paralyzed his left vocal cord. Through four years of unwavering determination and multiple surgeries, he emerged stronger and more driven than ever. Now, his focus is on helping individuals find their voices, dismantle self-imposed limitations, and embrace both confidence and a love for learning.


Mr Lim's advocacy for lifelong learning spurred him to complete his NLP Master Practitioner Course and NLP Trainers Course, a remarkable feat amidst his medical journey. This year, he further expanded his expertise with a 70-hour training in hosting and communication in Taiwan.

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Tailored Private & Group Tuition Across ALL Levels and Subjects 

Experience the power of personalized education with Weislin. Our expert team is skilled in guiding students from local Singaporean schools as well as international schools. With a rich experience of nurturing talents from over 20 nationalities, we understand the distinct learning styles and needs that arise from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Dive into the convenience and flexibility of Zoom lessons, transcending geographical boundaries to bring education right to your doorstep. From Singapore to anywhere across the globe, our virtual classrooms connect you with our dedicated educators, ensuring a seamless learning experience no matter where you are. Together, let's embark on a transformative journey to uncover your child’s full potential and kindle an enduring passion for lifelong learning.


Achieve Excellence in HSK / YCT / BCT Mandarin Examinations


Embarking on the journey of HSK, YCT, or BCT exams isn't just about acing a test—it's about unlocking a world of opportunities. These standardized exams are recognized internationally, validating your Mandarin language skills for studies, work, and cultural exploration. With Weislin's expertise by your side, you'll not only conquer the exams but also confidently navigate the Chinese-speaking world, poised for success in every endeavor.

Prepare for Mandarin success with Weislin's diverse team of tutors hailing from Singapore, Malaysia, Mainland China, and Taiwan. Our holistic approach goes beyond rote learning, ensuring you grasp the intricacies of Chinese grammar and language nuances. Let us guide you to mastery in HSK, YCT, and BCT exams, opening doors to linguistic excellence and cultural depth.

Discover Mandarin Beyond the Classroom: From Outdoor Lessons to Overseas Immersion

At Weislin, learning Chinese isn't confined to walls. Alongside our invigorating Outdoor Chinese Class (OCC), we've partnered with esteemed institutions in Taiwan and Mainland China to offer captivating short-term immersion programs. Delve into a cultural journey that enriches your language skills and expands your horizons.

We understand the importance of consistency in language learning, even during immersive experiences. Rest assured, our commitment to providing training materials in simplified Chinese characters ensures alignment with your school curriculum. Contact us at for more details and embark on an adventure of linguistic and cultural discovery.


Our daughter has made excellent progress studying with Weislin - flying through Hsk 1&2 in 8 months. Highly recommended!

Kristin Gower

(Daughter In UWCSEA East Campus)

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