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Empowering Careers, Fuelling Growth:
Your Path with
WEISLIN Consultancy

Where Talents Thrive and Opportunities Flourish


For Students & Jobseekers

Ignite Your Journey with WEISLIN Consultancy

Your Path to Fulfillment and Growth Starts Here

Attention job seekers, whether you're a student embarking on your career or a mid-career switcher seeking new horizons, WEISLIN Consultancy is your ally in this transformative journey. We're not just a recruitment agency; we're your career compass. With services ranging from resume refinement to expert career counseling and specialized training, we're here to amplify your potential and guide you towards a future that aligns with your aspirations.

For Employers

Redefining Success with WEISLIN Consultancy

Discover a Recruitment Partner that Invests in Your Growth

Calling all employers, from dynamic SMEs to startups and sales-centric enterprises—welcome to a recruitment revolution. WEISLIN Consultancy offers a distinctive approach that transcends traditional norms. Say goodbye to retainers and hello to a partnership that truly aligns with your objectives. Our unique guarantee, backed by refunds for placements that don't meet expectations, speaks volumes about our commitment to your success. With us, recruitment isn't just transactional; it's transformative, driving growth and creating lasting value for your organization.

Calling all job seekers and employers seeking a transformative partnership—welcome to WEISLIN Consultancy. As a bridge between aspirations and accomplishments, we cater to diverse journeys and distinct objectives.


Empowering Careers, Connecting Excellence: WEISLIN Consultancy

Transforming Ambitions into Success

Welcome to WEISLIN Consultancy, where we're more than a recruitment agency. We're a dynamic ecosystem fostering aspirations, fueling growth, and linking talent to opportunity. Whether you're a job seeker or an employer, we're here to craft careers and elevate businesses. With tailored hiring solutions for enterprises and a commitment to empowering job seekers and freelancers, we bridge the gap between ambition and achievement. Our motto, "moving people, placing talents," propels us as a registered employment agency recognized by the Ministry of Manpower.

Join us on a journey where careers thrive, businesses flourish, and excellence prevails.



Sourcing for an internship, part-time job or wishes to do a Co-Op programme while pursuing your tertiary education?

We help students from both local and abroad to look for opportunities in Singapore. 

Expand your horizon by looking beyond Singapore shore. We work with our oversea employment agencies partners, to assist you in finding a fruitful short term work stint in countries like China, Korea and Japan. 

We encourage employers in Singapore and abroad to give our young generation the opportunity to gain exposure to the career world and embrace cultural diversity.

Unearthing Talents and Opportunities Worldwide, Your Next Chapter Awaits.


  • Favorable Placement Fees: Benefit from our competitive placement fees, ensuring your recruitment journey is cost-effective and value-driven.

  • Guidance Every Step:
    We don't just match, we guide. Access pre-interview support that empowers jobseekers with the insights and confidence they need to shine.

  • Beyond Placement:
    Our commitment extends beyond placement. With our post-placement support, both employers and jobseekers receive ongoing assistance to ensure a seamless integration and lasting success.


Forging Connections, Igniting Growth

At the heart of our vision lies the commitment to serve as a dynamic bridge, seamlessly connecting employers with skilled individuals. We envision a future where talents find their perfect match, propelling both individuals and organizations towards unparalleled success.


Empowering Ambitions, Catalyzing Success

Our mission goes beyond mere recruitment; it's a pledge to bring opportunities to every doorstep and talents to the forefront of organizations. Through unwavering dedication, we're on a relentless pursuit to empower careers and catalyze the triumph of aspirations, creating a world where potential becomes reality.

Employment Agency Registration number (17C8674)

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