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WEISLIN offers customised programmes to suit your training & development needs

Elevate Your Learning Experience with WEISLIN Customized Training Solutions 

Welcome to a world of transformative learning at WEISLIN. Our tailored training programs are designed to fit seamlessly into your training and development objectives. Whether it's on-site or off-site, we bring the expertise of experienced trainers to your doorstep. Dive into a modern learning journey with our Learning Management System, where self-paced and peer learning converge for an enriched experience.

Unveiling a Pioneering Approach to Training: NLP Mastery in English and Mandarin

Experience innovation firsthand as WEISLIN introduces the first-ever NLP Practitioner Course in both English and Mandarin. But that's not all—our commitment to excellence extends to all training courses. From Leadership and Communication to Wellness, the power of NLP is seamlessly woven into each module. Every step of your journey accumulates credits towards a comprehensive NLP certificate.

Tailored for Success: Your Journey, Your Way

Embark on a learning adventure tailored for individuals, schools, and companies. Our workshops and trainings embrace diverse needs and aspirations, providing a comprehensive platform for growth. At WEISLIN, we don't just train; we empower you to thrive.

Principal Trainer Mr Vincent Lim

Certified NLP Trainer & Consultant 

Adjunct Lecturer at Singapore Polytechnic

 1st Tuition Agency
in Singapore to adopt HSK & YCT in the teaching curriculum

 100% Passing Rate for WEISLIN students taking HSK & YCT

Over 90% of the learners rated EXCELLENT for the past school & corporate trainings

 Language Training
Public Speaking Course 
Story Telling Workshop
1st Training Company to offer Bilingual option for NLP Practitioner Course

 Free Access To Learning Management System for additional self-paced learning 

WEISLIN learners indicated their public speaking fears have been reduced significantly 


Unlock Your Inner Orator with Expert Guidance

Step onto the stage with confidence and conquer your fear of public speaking! Join our acclaimed course led by a multi-time winner of prestigious National speaking contests. Our Principal Trainer, Mr Vincent Lim, is passionate about equipping you with insider tips and proven techniques to elevate your speaking prowess.

He will be your guide on the journey to overcoming self-doubt and embracing your full potential in public speaking. With a wealth of experience, he's dedicated to helping you shatter limiting beliefs and thrive on stage. Drawing on his NLP expertise, tools, and processes, Vincent will provide the ultimate support in helping you reach your speaking peak. Don't just speak; captivate your audience with conviction and authenticity.

Discover the Power of Multilingual Conversations

At WEISLIN, we believe that communication is the bridge to connection. Unlock a world of opportunities by learning to converse fluently in Mandarin, as well as the rich tapestry of Chinese dialects including Hokkien, Teochew, and Cantonese. Additionally, explore the beauty of Malay language with us.

Experience training like never before with our highly skilled trainers. Meticulously screened for their excellence, many of our trainers are ACTA certified, NLP practitioners, and MOE registered. This formidable combination ensures that your learning journey is not only enriching but also guided by the best in the field. Discover the art of effective communication with us and open doors to boundless connections.

Beyond Language: Tailored Non-Language Training for Lasting Impact

Are you in search of training that transcends language barriers? Look no further. At WEISLIN, we collaborate with a network of esteemed training vendors and freelance experts to deliver bespoke solutions for companies and schools alike.

With a commitment to fostering growth beyond language, our partnerships bring you an array of tailored training programs. From skill-building workshops to specialized corporate training, our offerings empower you to thrive in a dynamic world. Experience training that speaks to your unique needs, bridging the gap between aspiration and accomplishment.

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